Company Values

These values reflect our dedication to not only conducting meaningful archaeological research, but also actively engaging with the broader community. This ensures its significance is shared so that the past is not only uncovered but understood, appreciated, and protected.

“What’s the point in doing archaeology if you never tell anyone about it?”
Chris Casswell MCIfA

Community-Centric Archaeology

We prioritise community engagement in every aspect of our work, ensuring that local residents and stakeholders are actively involved in archaeological projects.


We believe in open and honest communication. We share our findings, methods, and progress with the community, fostering trust.

Education and Outreach

We are dedicated to educating and inspiring others about the significance of archaeology and heritage preservation through public programs, workshops, and educational initiatives.


We strive to make archaeology accessible to everyone, welcoming diverse perspectives and backgrounds to enrich our projects and contribute to a more inclusive heritage narrative.

Legacy Building

We aim to leave a lasting legacy of knowledge, appreciation, and pride within the communities we serve, ensuring that our archaeological work continues to benefit future generations.

Respect for Heritage

We treat cultural heritage with the utmost respect, preserving and protecting it for the enjoyment and understanding of all.

Environmental Stewardship

We consider the environmental impact of our work and employ sustainable practices whenever possible to protect the natural surroundings and ecosystems.


We foster collaboration and partnerships with local businesses, organisations, and experts to maximize the positive impact of our projects.


We leverage innovative techniques and technologies in archaeology and community engagement to enhance the quality and effectiveness of our work.